Gate Crashing Guru

The two boys who had been wanting to meet me were already there and one of them was a unfamilar chap, who had tagged along with this guy, who was somewhat known to me in the recent past. They sat with their legs crossed and quite uncomfortably, as it is the tradition in this part of the world, infront of a guru. It also indicates the hidden belief that in order to be spiritual, or get good karma, or a brighter tomorrow, you should undergo certain hardship now.

They sometimes pierced thier bodies, shaved their heads and their children's too, for the same purpose. The sitting down with the crossed legs is just the beginning of such a tribulation. The belief in self torturing in the name of spirituality is so deep rooted, that even if guru says take it easy, sit on the chair, they would either feel insulted or discouraged or atleast guilty for sitting on the chair in comfort. But it is also remarkable to see how the same seeker behaves differently when he sits down with crossed legs and in the comfort of a chair alongside the guru.

The new boy was looking at me, like how you saw a huge airplane landed on the tarmac, for the first time in your life. He began with "thank you guruji, for the blessings". I said "we have not even met properly yet and you seem to thank me for blessings already?" The familiar guy told me, "guruji you came in his dream last week and blessed him, so he wanted to come and thank you".

From their brief introduction at the start, I knew both were software professionals, who have just began their career. Software jobs involve a lot of number crunching and endless logical thinking has been my understanding. Correct me if I am wrong. But these young boys seemed to have lost on logic quite a bit.

I enquired "Please tell me more about this dream visit of mine", in a somewhat mocking tone. Everytime when someone came up with something illogical, or out of the ordinary, my strategy was/is to just mock at it, instead of trying to explain 'lovingly' or 'compassionately'. Neither loving nor compassionate words work during such occasions. Because the loving approach will only get them to dream a little better and more intense than before. Also the compassion need not show itself in the tone as you spoke or in the way you walked. My stand is that you can even slap someone 'compassionately', but without displaying any visible compassion or love. Same time, I can assure you, I packed a lot of 'love and compassion' secretly in me, even as I began the comical tirade.

He said "that night I was listening to your CD and went to sleep, that's when you came in my dream to bless me, later I came to know that at the same time, around 11 pm in the night, you were traveling by car, such miracles are shown by gurus only to bless disciples". I continued as if to show him that whatever he claimed just then, did not make any sense to me, "I thought Iam making Cds for awakening purpose and you have proved me wrong by going to sleep as you listened to them?". Though he failed to catch the joke, he still smiled.

Spiritual gurus can smile and chuckle at the most, but are not supposed to get naughty or haughty. These are some of the unwritten codes of conduct for the gurus to follow, embedded in the world of disciples. Whenever my comical side spilt over, I could see unrest and anger in the eyes of people in front of me.

I told him "It was just a dream, why do you think I planned and then dropped in?". He did not have an answer immediately, but was simply thoughtful. He then set his throat and exclaimed, "my mother always told me that spiritual gurus come in the dreams to bless". As if gurus learn how to gate crash in to other's dreams, as part of their enlightenment process.

I decided to sort this out once for all with these young boys, "do you often get dreams ?" He said "yes !". "Do you get ghosts in your dreams? " He replied "yes, there are bad dreams at times." I made little more advance "do you take those ghosts to be real?" He looked blank and said "Not at all". I was as if waiting for him to say that, "if you cant take that as real, then you should not take my visit in your dream also real, or the other choice is take all your dreams as real including the ghosts you saw. How come you choose certain dreams as real and the rest as unreal conveniently? ".

The visit of the gurus in the dreams are as similar and commonplace as any holly wood hunk appearing in the dream, enthralling or terrorizing, because of the movie one saw the previous night. No great shakes. But to paint the guru's arrival, in the dream as something divine can be fun or even funny. I plainly hoped, that would be the last evening in their lives, where they glorified a dream event as something divine.

Suddenly the dreamy boy appeared little vocal "do you mean gurus coming in the dream is unreal?". Now I could sense the forthcoming possibilities. Either they understand that all dreams are false. Or they conclude simply, that I am a false guru myself. It did not matter to me either ways. I mean, I need not celebrate and get a certificate, or an award, if they got enlightened at the end of the meeting or get wild if they called me bogus. But I was going to tell them exactly what I wanted to, that whatever they see/saw in their dreams, including gurus, are/were utterly false. So I replied him "dreams are real, only as long as you are dreaming". I added, "if you continued to believe your dream experiences as real, even as you are awake, then you should know, that you are still asleep".

I somewhat knew that I had stirred up his belief a bit, particularly on the 'gatecrashing guru' part of his dreams. He would not have understood fully or appreciated even remotely, about what I had to say on that day, but I thought to myself, what I told him will not allow him to sleep or dream, for a few or many more days to come.

Do you still aspire to enter the coveted gurudom?
Tips # 6
Drop a word casually about how some ancient gurus are coming in your dreams and blessing you to do the same with others as a divine mission.