Ghost Busting Guru

The most unbelievable job you can expect a guru to engage is ghost busting. But that's what many folks out there consider gurus should be doing. The word 'spirit' spells something spooky to such folks, and obviously that makes all the spiritual gurus, eerie ghost busters. These folks are otherwise modern and highly civilized, work in sleek ambiance, deal with all kinds of gizmo and gadgets, but live in fear of the 'unknown' day and night.

Every time someone dropped in at BG's for ghost busting, he ended up teasing them saying "the ghost has already hired me to bust you, since you seem to scare them with all your praying and singing". BG tells them to look at life from the ghost's point of view. How scary it must be for the ghosts, if they really existed, surviving amidst us.

BG was in a different country, different culture and everything so different. But it appeared, the hidden fears of 'unknown' is just the same in all of humanity, pretty much like the inherent consciousness. During a series of talks for several days about the 'spirit wrapped in matter', an elderly couple remained seated at the end of the day's session, as the participants were exchanging formal pleasantries among themselves and leaving the hall, back to where they actually belonged.

The couple waited as there were still movement of people, planning about next day’s proceedings. BG was in his finest elements, as he usually found himself, during and after each discourse and at various other inexplicably odd times. By this time BG looked at the couple directly and said please come soon, don’t get delayed going home. They appeared like people who are about to share their life time secret with some stranger, whom they may not trust fully.

BG enquired “how was the session, do you have anything to share or add or even question?“ The couple smiled quite diplomatically and the older man said “not at all, we just need to speak to you in private”. Speaking ‘privately’ involves sending the existing people out, which BG never liked, instead BG always moved out. Walking out of the room in to the open terrace, BG guided them along with himself. The seekers who wished to talk in private usually had nothing to discuss about the subject on consciousness, but generally about their own well being.

The lady stood mute and were standing by the wall that separated from the road, which had beeline of cars with people trying to reach home early. The city exhibited its wealth in so many ways. Towering structures showcasing their new found wealth everywhere. The lady appeared all that she could do was to smile and nothing else. But she always nodded her head in agreement with her husband. And then came the main topic of our discussion. The husband began “we are going through a great suffering caused by our own son, because I refuse to share our ancestor wealth with him”. She nodded decisively at what her husband said. Husband elaborated “he has been threatening to kill me, but we have found out later that he has been sending evil spirits with the help of someone, to our home to disturb us".

Sometimes BG wonder how he managed to listen up such stories rather intensely without a burst of laughter. BG queried, “you saw the ghost?” He replied “yes but in the spirit form.” He explained, “Whenever we are alone, we hear someone knocking at the bed room door. When we open the door to see, we don’t find anyone”. He now looked very serious and as if not so much impressed about that meaningless smile on BG’s face.” Despite civilization, man still carries an ancient mind. A mind that worshipped sun and thunder as gods, is still alive in its original shape.

BG was dealing with two primitive minds, standing amidst all the glitz and glamour, parading the city, all of night and day in full view from the terrace he stood. “So what have you done so far about it?” BG was eager to know. The man again responded, “we had approached a babaji(ascetic with 'divine' powers) from your country last time –some two years ago- who came home and performed some fire rituals and the ghost ran out of the house”. He paused and looked at his wife and she promptly responded with a nod, “But now that babaji has become very busy to come to our house, so we looked for someone to come home and perform the rituals for an affordable amount of money”.

They were not so pleased with BG for several reasons, primarily due to his indifferent response to their statements. BG enquired ”what kind of a ritual that was performed earlier?”. The man again started “the 'babaji' created a big fire in the middle of our house inside a wooden pit and threw lots of roots and spices. Eventually the place was full of smoke and unable to bear the power of positive vibrations, the ghost ran away”. BG understood that it was a vedic ritual of fire and smoke, performed usually in order to burn away the ignorance of mind and bring wisdom to it. The rituals are usually symbolic representations, which indicate the need for human mind to see life without any interpretation.

This BG appeared dead serious now “Have any one of you ever seen the ghost properly?, eating or sitting or listening to music or watching TV or at least sleeping ?" This question obviously amused them and they said almost in chorus "Not so, We have not seen in front of us anytime, they always run away from our sight after doing some mischief". The reflection of neon signs and the city lights created a terrified appearance on their faces and with their present mood, they even appeared as if they were seeing a real time ghost as they spoke to BG.

He added more information "the ghost in our house cannot be seen always, but while brushing my teeth I have seen a ugly faced black 'form' with curly hair just disappearing from my rear" She nodded in agreement. BG this time looked her and asked. "have you seen it too?" Before she could say he interrupted "yes she has also felt some thing black moving in the rooms." She simply nodded. BG warmed up himself by rubbing both hands and then asked "why they always run away or hide, are they afraid of you?, why do they come only in the dark hours? why they cant just knock the door more than once ? Why they cant shake your bed more than once? Why body less spirits always do bad things? Why cant they just behave themselves? Why they should always appear black and with curly hair?"

They both looked each other, the man looked at the time in his wrist watch. BG placed two options in front of them. "Either you accept that the ghosts are created by your childish mind, which is extremely biased, racist, deluded presently. So that we can chase the ghosts from your own minds forever, with no money spent and you need not create fire in your house to chase ghosts annually", BG slowed down a bit and then said, "or else, perform the rituals regularly and live with different ghosts for the rest of your life".

The old man had a shaky voice which was almost drowned in the noise of the traffic below. "do you mean the ghosts are our imagination?". BG said "exactly. You imagined well and passed it on to your wife too". BG sharpened his words, as he looked the lady and asked "be honest, have you really seen a ghost, the way your husband did or you simply agree with him out of politeness?" She shook her head and looked at him again, and as he resorted to talk, BG told him "will you please allow her to speak and do not interrupt her till she is finished?". He looked offended, "My wife and I live together past 45 years and we know each other well". BG persisted again at her asking "madam will you please tell honestly, if you have seen or heard anything like he said in your house"? Her eyes sparkled once while she said "not so. I have not seen or heard".

BG declared. "there is no chance of any ghosts or spirits outside you or anyone. It is just inside your head. If some screws inside are tightened then you may never see them again". He looked alarmed now. Somewhat in a irritated manner, "do you say the ghosts are inside my head and not outside?" BG was cheerfully loud "yes precisely, you said it so well". Now he looked so grim and his wife appeared scared, perhaps she was going to face him at home after her disagreement wth him. He spoke as if in pain "people like you coming to this country is rare, but we heard about you and your discourses on 'spirit'. So we came to seek help from you". He appeared to be giving one final chance to BG "I can offer up to 5000 singapore dollars, if you perform that ritual in my house, will you come?".

BG thought it such a simple way to drop in at some one's home and create smoke and make the inmates drop tears, while tell them that the dark ghosts have all gone for good, than actually drive any common sense. Once again the consciousness taking the back seat, with the cosmic spirit reduced to home grown ghost, BG told him "sorry, Im not a ghost buster" and added, "but if you allow me, I may remove the ability of your mind to see the ghosts". He placed his hand on her's, over the railing of the terrace and looked at BG as he started moving, "thank you for your suggestions, but can you tell us anyone you know, who can visit our home and perform that ritual?". BG replied, "Its good that I do not know anyone of that kind, but Im extremely sorry I could not help you".

They started moving away as their legs had already started giving way. BG watched them leave, saying thank you to everyone inside the hall and disappear from the sight. Outside, the traffic was still heavy and the sound of heavy drumbeats heard from a nearby pub. The well illuminated skyscrapers appeared, as if they were probing in to the skies about certain unknown matters. BG walked in to the room and got himself busy, back to his calls on the phone.

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Tips # 10
Project yourself as a ghost buster with divine powers.
Make sure you've learnt some ghost related mantras and
shout them loudly, as you smoke out somebody's house.