Guru And Dress Code

The guru is a guru only with reference to a disciple who is seeking (spiritual) guidance. It would be plain mockery, if the guru behaved like one, even as he went to sleep or had a shower. In the absence of a disciple in vicinity, a guru is no more a guru. he could be just a pedestrian, trying to fit himself into scheme of things in life. But when he stretched the guru play, beyond the domain of a disciple, he is already doomed.

BG enjoys a great deal of non-guru times, as he drives a car alone, or a trek in the wild with just a back pack and lots of solitude, perhaps in an animated conversation, with a total stranger at airport lounge, while waiting for the often delayed flights. BG has seen varied reactions from strangers, when he had to describe his vocation or profession. BG has several ways to describe himself, but every time he came up with something like spiritual 'guru', he could see unwarranted reverence or an uneasy calmness displayed by strangers.

It also explained the heavy weight values attached to gurudom by people, which he always personally felt was/is out of place. While financial gurus, share market gurus. master chefs, academic professors, have fixed working hours, the spiritual master or a guru is expected to behave like a guru round the clock. It would be odd to hear to the reverential ear, that a spiritual guru is on a holiday and may not be available to meet or interact and is not blessing the humanity during that period.

It was yet another long distance flight, which the BG usually enjoyed, because he could just be a plain passenger and particularly like a human being, without any miracles attributed and could probably watch some flicks on screen as part of the inflight entertaintment. But such a peaceful environ can be shattered at times when some one recognized BG, despite his corduroy trouser and open collared shirt.

BG heard some one whispering "hello" with a familar accent, in the middle of the flight from behind the shoulder. Outside sun light was bright and roughly about 40 K feet above earth, it appeared as though life was all serene and quiet, too far away from all spiritual nonsense that dogged the earth. BG turned around with a surprise and returned the "hello". Somehow BG always felt there should be a better way to greet, than the more popular hello, because 'hell-o' always sounded to him like 'go to hell '.

The stranger who said hello apparently was no stranger, but has been participating certain sessions earlier on. He stood leaning on the chair with his hands placed firmly on the back row of seats, it was a not so crowded flight, and said "I want to ask you something". BG was quite open to communicate at that point of time, since the person appeared very elderly and also appeared somewhat disturbed, so BG offered the vacant seat next to him and said "please be seated".

He squeezed himself into the seat with a big gasp and looked at BG and his clothes carefully. BG was dressed in his most casual, as some cartoon flick was running on the screen. His hair was let loose and was wearing dark glasses, perhaps to facilitate the catnap during the flight. The gentle man appeared offended with the whole thing as he observed and then asked "I have seen you as a guru and revered you so much, but to day I see you so differently, and I'm not happy". He paused for awhile as there was no any immediate response from BG, "I have been watching you ever since you came to the airport to board the flight, don't mistake me but why are you doing this?"

This was unpleasant continuation of a earthly schism so far away from earth. But BG told him in reply " I never asked you to revere me or repulse me at any point of time, but what exactly is bothering you now?" He opened his right hand palm with all his fingers pointing, "these clothes do not represent a guru". BG promptly caught on with what he said "precisely, Im not any guru right now, as you see, Im just one more passenger on board." He shot back " so which one of you is real, this or the one I saw on stage ?" BG did not fail to admire, the man's gumption to challenge without beating around the bush but replied, "BOTH, those robes were real as a guru sharing his experience, and here these clothes are real as a fellow passenger on board"

He seemed to be not convinced at all as he said "But is this hippie look necessary for you, what kind of image are you projecting to common people, who look up to you as guru?" Even as BG tried not being impolite, words still spilled, "then it means they don't look up to me, but only at my clothes and hair". BG proceeded further, "do you mean to say your reverence was a result of what robes I wore and what hairstyle I had?". He sounded decisive as he said "yes, the guru has to maintain certain decorum, be it clothes or hairstyle". These are some of the things about gurus, BG was getting bored with, as he had been playing one himself. The guru is supposed to look just the same, with the smile hooked on to his face and robes flowing around his body all the time.

But soon came the disparage, "I even wonder if you have any respect for the religion you belong to". BG shot back quite sharply this time "I appreciate your direct comments, but I don't belong to any religion and I personally consider all religions worth just this trash", BG pointed out at the empty squeezed out tetra pack, on the tray in front of him and continued further, "I don't care if you don't consider me as much as a guru or a religious man, but if you think you are here to tell me, how I should dress and how I should brush my hair, then I may ask you to leave this seat I offered, within next twenty seconds, only because i don't need any advice on how my appearance should be maintained, besides you are disturbing my sleep".

Except for the occasional humming of the aircraft, there was not much noise and most passengers were asleep and few were watching movies or playing games on the screen. The elderly gentleman raised his hand forcefully, but banged it gently on the seat in front of him, as if to show his displeasure. BG told him "sir, for your information, ten seconds are already over". It was a direct insult to a man, who was 'prim and proper' in his beliefs and somewhat blue nosed in his perception.

He appeared to be keen to say something, but only managed to get up with a gasp again. He hurried to his seat, about five to six rows behind from BG's, as if there was an announcement from cockpit of an emergency landing. BG was never bothered to look behind for the rest of the flight and even as he deplaned at the destination.

Wish to launch yourself as a potentially famous guru ?
Tips # 9
Design your robes carefully. They should be long and flowing and even as you go to bed, make sure you are robed well. If you try out a turban and wooden sandals, you may attract lot more attention, especially at airports.