Guru And The Green Signal

The secret desire of mankind always is to somehow conquer the inevitable death, poverty, sorrow, disease, etc and live an immortal happy life. This is one of the strong reason for many people to try out spiritual life. Its difficult to tell when and how this idea came about, that to be spiritual is to be super man like. Perhaps thats the reason why the gurus are treated like the superman. The difference is while superman had to fly himself, the guru will send an angel to get things done, from wherever he is sitting.

It was/is a beautiful family. He worked for a private company as the CEO and his wife was a banker. They had two children, besides a lot of money and a just purchased house. But the high point in their life came when they sold out their earlier car and replaced it with a brand new audi car. Since then my drive with them in their new audi was due. I agreed when he offered to drop me, in his new car to the airport, whenever I was leaving the city.

On the D'day, I managed to dress up to match their flamboyance and the new car. It was a sunday and even gods were supposedly resting. He was a proud man as he opened the door of the car and I was really happy for him. They were a 'made for each other' couple. Highly intelligent and updated with everything under sun. As I shoved myself in, I was immediately transported to a whole new world, regardless of the heat and dust of realities outside. .

I did not fail to notice the decor inside, which was exquisite and smelt heavy with the new air refreshener as if greeting my arrival. The upholstery was probably the finest i had seen for years, but they wrapped it with a special silk cloth for me to sit. That's just a usual practice, whenever a guru is transported. Mainly to save the guru from any contact with leather. As he drove the car with me by his side and his wife and the children at the rear, I could experience the supremacy of German technology all around me.

It is their strong belief that I had a secret, invisible hand in their elevation in life. I was quite aware of that and I awaited the right moment to tell them that I carry no remote control in my hand to manoeuvre their lives. Meanwhile, inside the moving car, it was pretty cool with music and things to eat and drink with children giggling and the husband and wife utterly cheerful just about everything. It is in such perfect backdrop, the drama began to unfold.

Nothing much serious as you may want to imagine, but we just were approaching a signal and the signal turned from red to green. The wife remarked "did you notice, this is the second signal we are crossing without stopping". Husband agreed immediately "yes" and said "cant you understand, its all guruji's grace. When he is inside the car, how can any signal stop us?"

The guru during such conversations, mostly has to behave like the witnessing consciousness. Mainly because he is never given a chance to comment or opiniate. I maintained my neutral stand and watched the road ahead and waited for the next signal. As I glanced through the rear view mirror, the children were brimming with admiration and looking at me, as if the superman had jumped out of Cartoon Network channel and then jumped in to their car.

Then I asked the husband "do you mean I control the traffic signals in the city?." He replied with a big laughter, "you don't know your own powers". Imagine this, A guru supposedly all knowing, who controls even the city traffic signals, but does not know he had such powers. I have been knowing them for quite awhile and shared certain intimacy with the children through all my pranks. I could see the whole family in such a joyous abandonment without a worry in the world, in the presence of their guru, where even the traffic signals behaved themselves.

I then asked "the love your family showers on me is because I control traffic signals?" He did not quite expect the quip. His wife from rear replied, "yes, indeed, who will not be happy to have a guruji, who is making the path safer and happier?". I turned around and looked at her beaming face, "is that what a guru supposed to do?" She was quick to respond, "yes guruji, we know well you have been clearing all obstacles in our lives."

The drive to the airport was meant to be lasting about 45 minutes. We had already crossed four signals and all of them were free. I enquired, "are there any more signals ahead?". He promptly replied, "Yes, there is one more and then turned around and announced to the children and wife, you will see even that signal will be free". Now every body got ready and there was excitement filling up inside the mean german running machine.

He spotted the green signal well ahead and almost screamed " See I told you", and then turned to me and said "at least now will you believe this?". But even as the signal fever was burning bright and hot, the signal was changing to amber and was blinking. He suddenly appeared worked up and started accelerating the car real fast before it could turn red. It was a blind effort to prove his point rather than saving my face. The audi went crazy as it neared the signal and then, the signal turned red. Audi came to grinding halt as he had to jam the brakes. Suddenly there was a deafening silence invaded the car from nowhere, as the engine got ceased due to the sudden braking.

It appeared like eternity as the car awaited the green signal and I had to break the silence inside the car. I asked "so now all of you plan to throw me out of this car?." I said further,"the guru is not meant to clear your path but only show it and also prepare you to face the dangers lurking on the way". I continued further "the guru is not here to replace your sorrows with happiness and the perils with some protection". I thought it was such perfect timing to drive some sense in to them. I continued further, "I cant facilitate your life without obstacles but can only tell you how to face the obstacles and move ahead." The car moved as the signal turned green. That was the last signal before reaching the airport.

I thought it was all over, quite content about how things took shape, but not really. As we reached the airport without any exchange of words, I got off the car and they picked up my bag from boot space, came to face me at the entrance of the airport. I smiled and said "I am already delayed and should hurry up, because I dont control the air traffic signals on the airport runway". He quietly replied, "guruji, you taught us a great lesson today". I asked "what was the lesson?" as I prepared to enter the airport. He said,"you taught us that you may not grant us, whatever we may want, by turning the signal to red, even when we wanted it to be green".

He simply blew my mind, I felt as if someone shoved a big ball of dirty cotton, deep into my throat and amidst all the crowds that were milling, I walked in to the airport like a zombie, dumb founded, utterly speechless, carrying the heavy load of divinity, just then dumped all over me.

Do you plan leave your trail on the guruscape?
Tips # 7
Always smile meaningfully, Use often expressions like "I know, mychild" if any miracles attributed to you, just shrug your shoulders and chuckle.