Guru Gets Lovers Glued

If you had seen people of all kinds swarm around a guru like flies on a forgotten fruit, do not mistake it for a moment that they all were yearning for knowledge from the guru. They are there for all kinds of reasons. Many times a guru is expected to remain as a mute blessing factor. A dumb witness to cultivating acquaintances, building relationships, developing useful contacts, striking business deals, falling in love, finding a 'soulmate', gathering good karmas, pleasing god, and plenty more around him.

People who feel lonely, depressed, looking for some special meaning to their lives, people who need an emotional back up, find security in a community living, restore the failing health, or for the sake of children or wife or husband, perhaps to be part of a 'in' thing, to travel with groups to religious places more comfortably are a few always found in such groups.

Indeed there is a considerable number of them, who expect some miracle can be exercised on them by the guru, to meet their own fanciful dreams. They try their own ways to become the target of guru's special blessings. BG got quite used to them all to some extent, till one day he met up with a boy who had enrolled himself for a three day long retreat. What he was about to do was something that left BG totally amused, shrilled, and tickled, all at once. BG had known his parents and the boy had come because his folks thought he was little depressed about something unknown to them. In other words, they had pushed him in to the retreat.

He was sitting in front of BG like a child, who always cried for chocolate in the dead of night. BG asked him "whats your problem precisely, why do you look like this"? He was surprisingly forthcoming with his problem, he explained "a girl I deeply loved left me for someone else". He was 19 years old and his high bone cheeks and jaws looked very hard and his mouth was munching on something constantly. It was obvious that he was angry and in a depressive mood.

BG however liked the boy for his plain talking and quickly remembered a girl of a similar kind in the group that enrolled for the same retreat. Most teen aged boys and girls seen in such spiritual groups are usually well educated, excelled in academics, cultured, talented and of course nurturing their own dreams and passions. Many of them are bitten by the usual love bug.

Surprisingly the boy never came out to the session, but was found sleeping in the room at the retreat site on the inaugural day. He was not responding to anyone and for any queries. BG summoned him hoping to make some sense out of his condition. It was obvious that he found the camp meaningless in front of his own sorrowful self. He appeared more keen on enjoying his sorrows in solitude than to sit with a bunch of people in meditation.

When he entered BG's room, he looked tired and eyes were red, and appeared totally out of place. Such forced participant in any spiritual retreat can be a big spoilsport easily. They are contagious and trigger similar attitude in the rest of participants too. BG decided to give him one last try and offered him to have lunch along with him. In the back drop, outside the glassed window, there were many participants seen moving about from here and there. One of them was the girl in her teens, who had come to attend the retreat sent by her mom.

BG was quick to think of a plan and asked for the girl to come to the room, where he was sitting with the boy for the lunch. The girl has a history of depression too and the reasons were not known yet to BG. As the girl entered the room, BG said "look who is with me" and pointed at the boy. They just glanced each other and smiled faintly. BG told her after the brief introductions, to take him and explain about topics which he missed till lunch time. Psychologically speaking, most of the times, disturbed boys like to be counseled by girls and vice verse.

That move worked somewhat successfully, as the boy was seen in the post lunch session sitting closely to her, along with the other participants. He even looked extra cheerful for a drowsy afternoon, with a smile on his face, making direct eye contact to BG unlike before. BG observed the girl too and she looked quite content with her present responsibility of tutoring the boy. Needless to say the love was in the air and sudden harmony everywhere as the boy joined the rest of them.

As the first day ended, everyone noticed the sudden intimacy developed between the boy and the girl and there were mixed reactions. The head of organizers voiced his concern about the development. BG consoled him saying "nothing to worry, you will focus on your work". The sparks flew all over the place as they both spent the whole of the second day and night of the retreat, together under various trees dotted the campsite, totally oblivious and indifferent to everything and everyone.

The chief organizer broke the news to BG on the concluding day of the retreat, "they both are missing since early morning". BG said "its OK, we will give them sometime". Even as lunch happened, their absence was conspicuous. Most participants were lost in their own pursuit of meditation and spirituality and were not keen about the missing teens, while the few others updated BG regularly on the latest. BG did not really expect love twist in the boy's tale, which now involved a girl from the same retreat. They were introduced to each other only for some healthy socializing.

As the retreat concluded, everyone stuffing into their cars, and as cheerful cries of adieus everywhere, as participants kept dropping in at BG's room for the personal farewell, BG waited for the right moment and then called the girl's home on the phone, "your daughter reached home yet"? . The jubilant mom said " Not yet, but she called in the morning to say that the meditation retreat was excellent and she was enjoying it every moment, she also said she would be back home in the evening a little late after some group meditation". BG replied, "OK please inform me once she reached home".

BG called the boy's father, whom he knew personally, and asked without sounding suspicious, "how is everything"? The father said "my son called in the morning and informed us that he was learning a lot in the camp, he was so cheerful, thanks to you, he could become happy again, I was so sure that meditation taught by you will help him come out of his depressions". BG paused for a moment and muttered "yes I think so".

BG had collected the hand phone number of the boy from his father, and messaged him, "so where were you guys all day long?" The reply came promptly, "we went for a movie and now in a restaurant, -with your blessings". The chief organizer then entered the room and announced "I checked with the boy and girl, he was unwell so he had to leave and the girl went to drop him at his residence, now they reached his home already, so everything is alright". He appeared very satisfied with the way the retreat went off without a hitch. BG congratulated him, "very well done".

was the last to leave the site and as he locked up the door and stepped out and looked around the empty retreat site after three day's of hectic activity, as he walked towards his car, the phone blinked and there was a text message. It read "thanks for the gift, I love him so much, always seeking your blessings". It was presumably from the girl. BG drove past the heavy metal gates of the retreat fence with a bedazzled smile and disappeared in to the highway that connected the city.

Do you want to establish a spiritual community with you as guru?
Tips # 11
Divide people as insider and outsider. Tell how blessed are the insiders
and how unfortunate the outsider for remaining still in the outside.