Guru Loves Dogs ...err.. Dogs Love Guru

Spiritual enlightenment does not happen to animals or plants because they are never bound. At least they would not know even in case if they were bound. Its primarily man's vocation to first think of being bound then fight for liberation from it. But the ignorance of us mankind can be breath taking sometimes especially when it comes to detecting other's enlightenment. BG occasionally thinks, if there is any enlightenment possible, that would be splitting out of this quagmire of ideas and rib tickling notions about enlightenment itself.

People who are obsessed about other's enlightenment can resort to insane ideas every time they get a chance. So was the guy who BG was traveling with. He was a senior executive in a multi national company. He got pretty close to BG during the management training programs held for his company staff by BG on various occasions. The big middle aged guy appeared totally indifferent always about his own spiritual aspirations but was showing great inclination about how much others were evolved, or to be precise, enlightened.

BG treated the executive like some global citizen since he was devoid of any prejudice or bias about religions or race and that was something BG was deeply impressed with. So he readily agreed when he was invited for dinner at the executive's house by his family. A progressive family is top of the choice for BG to introduce and discuss spiritual matters across the dinner table.

The executive broke the news suddenly to BG "I have two dogs at home" as he negotiated the city traffic. BG just nodded the head as a matter of fact and looked at the road ahead of him. But the executive proceeded further, "my son has challenged me, if the person I am bringing home is truly enlightened, then our scooby and dooby (the dogs) will recognize him soon as he enters our home".

BG now heard the alarm ringing in a unknown region inside his head and felt for a moment like a subjugated captive. The host continued, "as a matter of fact, even Im curious to see how my scooby and dooby will behave in front of you. They say, dogs are highly evolved and they certainly will recognize you".

Playing spiritual guru can be a curse if you did not know how to laugh in the times of crisis. BG managed to do that exactly and asked "you mean we are going home to make sure that your dogs will smell and tell if I' am enlightened?" His face got brightened with street light through the car window, "precisely, but they don't stop with smelling because usually they are ferocious, one is a german shepherd and another is a pomeranian variety". He then added, "of course we will be having dinner too" and laughed.

BG figured that the executive was having fun and realized it was too late to pull out of the wacky game. Convincing himself, BG sat back hoping to remain calm and not get ticked off and spoil the dinner party like in the numerous occasions earlier on. Meanwhile host's phone rang inside his shirt pocket, he picked and said "yes we will be there in a couple of minutes, keep scooby and dooby locked up in the bedroom".

There is a whole bunch of people out there, who dont care about their own spirituality but is busy checking other's evolution. No wonder gurus also keen to display their superhuman abilities to such people. Stopping the heart from throbbing, suspending brain cells, dropping the pulse rate, buried alive under earth, under water living, sitting on the fire pit, refusing to decay even after death are some of the popular ideas people have about an enlightened being which also is promoted by some 'enlightened' beings as they launch themselves in the big league of gurudom.

As he turned the car into his high security satellite township, he queried "I have read in some book somewhere that birds and animals display a great sense of love towards enlightened beings, is it true?" BG noticed the well organized row of houses with trees and the clean environment inside the gated community, quite contrast to life just outside the walls, then turned to the executive and said "a dog should bark at a stranger and that is its innate nature and bird should fly away at the sight of a stranger, then it is all normal and natural".

If a dog displayed fear or love to someone, then he need not be enlightened but could be just a dog trainer or the dog owner. In other words, a dog trainer can make a dog behave like a mouse and it does not need any spiritual enlightenment on his part. Similarly if a man is spiritually enlightened then he need not have to wrap the whole animal kingdom in his little finger and swing from trees like Tarzan. However the executive looked surprised with the reply and was seen keen to execute his cruel test of enlightenment. He probably thought BG was getting defensive about the whole exercise.

Infact BG was partly disgusted with the whole idea already, but still decided to go through the exercise only hoping to bring some common sense in to the lives of people, he was going to visit in that house. Partly BG liked the wackiness of the situation and that some what thrilled him too. So it was all in good humor, he went ahead with the experiment. As the executive parked the car, BG told him, " its time for some action" and climbed out of the car.

Even as the car was parked the barking of the dogs were heard loud. One was a thick, deep tone and the other had a sharp, shrilled tone. BG almost pleaded "keep the dogs free and dont lock them up now and let them out later, so that they feel normal about me. The host said "actually I would like us all settle down first and then let the dogs come out from the bedroom, so that we can see their reaction well. I told my son to be ready with his handy cam too".

This was a sadistic freak who had decided to test the enlightenment of his dogs and yours reverentially BG's and possibly film it too. Everyone settled after the brief introductions and with the welcome drink served by the lady of the house who looked totally unaware of the happenings. The dogs were banging against the door inside the bedroom and were raging mad with their loud noises.

BG already noticed the handycam on the table nearby and saw the son with a kind of a wicked curiosity meddling with it. Then BG enquired "why don't you let the dog's out before they go totally crazy"? The son butted in "we want to film our scooby and dooby when they come to you and that we would do it just after the dinner". BG suddenly sounded very strong "you guys are weird, i cant hear them barking this way, let them be out now". BG looked at the son and then pointed at the camera "you are not going to touch that camera".

That baffled the son for a moment. BG raised his tone still higher and sharper now,"LET THE DOGS BE OUT NOW" and quickly lowered voice again, "be done with your crazy experimentation at the earliest ". The hostess looked worried and said "scooby and dooby are kept locked usually whenever we have guests". It was obvious that the lady of the house was not informed of the 'sniff and tell' test by the men in her house.

The head of the family was sitting like a potato in his couch and was was observing the whole thing with a dead expression on his face and said, "We are sorry if we have offended you in anyway". BG said " Will you please let the dogs out, they cannot remain in that stuffy bedroom for so long". Somehow the situation took a unprecedented turnaround and now BG was keen that the dogs should come out and the host wanted the other way around.

BG now looked at the son and exclaimed " I only said don't use any camera but i never said do not let the dogs out". This statement managed to provoke him up he went straight to the bedroom located at the mezzanine floor and opened the door. The dogs rushed out like they knew their prey already. One was too big and brown in shade with black patches on its back and another very tiny with fluffy white hair and a bushy tail.

Whenever caged animals released, they behave more violent than other normal times. Though BG was not a great dog lover or even liked their smell, he was quite aware of the animal psychology, especially the dogs. As both the dogs rushed through the stairway from the mezzanine floor to the ground level, BG sat in his couch unmoved with with his bated breath and partly closed eyes. The host was still in his seat, the hostess stood near the kitchen counter and the son was watching from the bedroom entrance, not knowing what they were supposed to do.

The dogs love to chase only if something is ready to run ahead of them. They get confused most times when the target of their aggression is unmoved. Scooby and Dooby were perhaps more confused because BG was sitting inside the home along with other familiar people. The big one lifted both its legs and placed on the shoulders of BG and barked heavily on to his face, while the tiny fluffy one grabbed the ankle of BG.

They displayed intense aggression as the daddy of the house got up from his seat and came closer to rescue. BG saw him though the big dog's legs and stopped him, "remain where you are, I will handle this". As if it was a 'miracle', the big fellow began to lick BG's face vigorously and smelt him all over and no sooner they both stopped their antics, as if they lost interest in BG, as he neither showed any fear nor displayed counter aggression, the little doggy ran towards the son who was still at the bedroom entrance. The big doggy left the grip over BG and chased the little one in a clumsy manner.

Now it was a perfect anti climax. BG turned to the lady and said "how about the dinner now?" She moved quickly to the table and said in a apologetic tone "yes of course, its ready". Meanwhile the dogs came running down again at BG and this time BG confidently started talking to them "hey scooby, hey dooby, c'mon doggies, let have dinner, etc". He put the hand on the back of the big dog and stroked gently and in response they both licked him all over again and the dog show was over by then.

At the dinner table none spoke a word except the brief yes' and no's. The daddy of the house broke the silence, "did we do anything wrong?" and waited for BG to reply. BG said "yes, to raise a shepherd dog at a home like this is terribly disgusting. They are meant to be running in the open fields and not inside your bedroom". They kept a stiff and cold face as everyone ate silently. They knew BG was not happy and the inconsequential evening left them wondering if BG was planning some revenge of sorts.

The dinner was about to get over and the son pointed out to his daddy, the big dog(Scooby?) was sleeping lazily with drooling mouth and long and heavy breathing right beneath the seat where BG sat, while the small one(Dooby?) was busy running and licking every one's feet. After a brief good bye and with the final stroking of the dogs, BG and the daddy stepped out of the home and to the car. BG knew that was his last visit to the house.

Inside the car the executive said in a justifying tone "we were only trying to see if our dogs can recognize and show love to a person of enlightenment". BG quipped back in a very hushed tone, "neither dogs have to love a enlightened man nor an enlightened man have to love the dogs". Silence fell again inside the car till it arrived at BG's premises. "It was a wonderful evening to remember for many years to come", BG said with a plain smile at the executive and stepped out of the car as the executive responded "thank you for coming and gracing our home" without any life in his voice.

[Personal note from BG - Dear executive, if you happened to read this, let me assure you that I'm not angry and carry no revenge on you. It was fun but I still want to repeat that the big shepherd dog must be sent back to where it came from and stop torturing it they way you did the other day. It may not belong to you or your bedroom. Besides, you should know that you spoiled a good opportunity to discuss spirituality.]

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Tips # 12
Take as many pictures possible with you posing along with cows, dogs and birds and post it on your home page of the website. Let the world know how much the animals love you for your enlightened state of living