Guru's Mission On Tele Vision

These days a guru's exalted status is known by the number of people he had influenced or initiated in his life. In sharp contrast to the good old yonder days, when the spiritual guru was always reluctant about teaching someone and made himself somewhat scarce to find. BG always pondered on the reasons why the gurus had their hide outs in such weird places in bygone days. This he thought was mainly to see if the seeker was keen about his seeking, because if the seeker meant business, then he would search the guru in every cave and every hole in every mountainous jungle possible and still will reach.

But now gurus cant hide anymore. They are all over the place. Only because they have decided to enlighten this world like never before. In fact the modern spiritual guru is as though pressed in to a unsolicited pressure, to perform in front of his disciples as a mark of his enlightenment. More the guru is seen and heard and talked about, greater his enlightenment is. This quotient perhaps is what drives the gurus to spread their missionary wings of 'love and compassion' and fly around the world breathlessly. The need to make one's presence felt somewhere, somehow, as far and wide possible, has stolen the beauty of truth usually sought and found.

BG is not against televised spiritual lessons, but he had kept himself away from it. He somehow missed that fire in his belly, to spread the 'good word' which can probably save sorrow and suffering of the millions. Besides, his apprehension was not to make a jarring note on the TV, amidst a series of heart warming programs, where the more prominent gurus sang, danced, healed, promised nice and divine things and kept the audience thoroughly enthralled and hopeful. BG felt that he could never do enough justice on the screen talking to unknown faces, especially when he lacked the skill of comforting them, by throwing promises and assurances besides the baskets of flowers and fruits at them. But that had never stopped the producers of such tele programs dropping in at BG's for a deal.

The executive from a leading religious channel reached behind his appointed time as the case always and he blamed it on the traffic jam as the case always. BG asked him to take his seat. He was in the executive attire with a tie and a tucked shirt with checked socks. He carried a big black helmet which somehow did not go well with his executive get up. Still he appeared well versed with the formalities and had a well managed body language in front of a 'spiritual guru'. BG always had secret admiration for young people who displayed remarkable qualities of communication with elan. He was a charming young man determined to push his product at any cost.

He opened the conversation "Guruji, my boss conveyed his greetings and wants to remind you about his open invitation to our studios, whenever suitable to you". The boss had already met BG once earlier on a common platform of a rotary club. BG enquired "So what brings you here?". He replied "I am here to talk about the possibilities of your talks beamed across the world through our channel", he paused and looked at BG carefully and noticing BG kept quiet, he proceeded, "i am aware you had declined our earlier offers with other executives, but this time I'm sure you will agree". BG said in a wry tone "Oh boy, go ahead and try me" anticipating some good debating session with the young executive.

He opened his bag and pulled out a pack of printed material and passed one of them to BG and started reading out from his copy of the same matter. He explained "Currently we are beaming our programs in five continents, including africa, autralia, europe and america besides asia. Our channel has a viewership of 70 million native and people of different origins and races and religions. Gurus like you who cater to people in english are in great demand around the world, especially in america and europe. By investing a small amount, you can reach to a larger number people within short period". BG allowed him to continue with his well prepared jargons of marketing.

The TV appearance on a daily basis has such a powerful impact that it serves by itself as bona fide of a guru and his teachings. The guru gains automatic credibility just because he is seen on TV at fixed times and watched by the assumed millions around the world. Infact BG always encountered a question from strangers if he appears in any of the TV channels, because they judge the might of a guru by the number of TV shows he does. He has seen their faces turn quizzical, whenever he replied "are there any more people still left for me to speak on TV ?, or "people already have enough techniques to practice and i dont want to add more" etc. BG sometimes projected himself as a humble and hopeless guru submitting, "I am too small to be lined up with the big gurus on TV".

Our executive friend suddenly grew a little suspicious over BG's silent appearance. He enquired. "Am I with you? Is there anything you want to say"? That was a very professional move from him, so BG replied, "yes, please tell me how does it help me in going on air and intrude the bedrooms of people singing and dancing"? He laughed gently and said "but you dont sing and dance, instead you talk well, honestly speaking, we are on the lookout for gurus who can speak well in english". BG now got curious and asked "why do you look for english speaking gurus"? He said, "we have a task at our hands, to capture the european and the american market (viewership) and make our channel a true global enterprise. We will be touching 150 million mark within next one year".

BG began to realize the 'mutually benefiting' deal in offing. He asked the executive "so this is purely a business thing for you guys, or you have some 'noble' intentions too"? He closed his note pad and with a mischievous smile said, "first business, then service to the world, actually we are proud to be instrumental in spreading the wisdom of various gurus to this world". BG asked now "so what do you expect from me"? he opened the note pad again and started, "a speaker like you deserves to be heard by everyone in every nook and corner of this world, who are inclined to spirituality, hence we offer 25 percent discount for any slot you may choose to broadcast your programs". He almost knew the various schemes planned to get BG on the board, as if he came prepared with the figures before hand.

BG wanted to get down to the brass tacks "do you charge for the broadcasting usually?" He replied "yes, everyone pays for their slots. Based on the number of slots booked in a week or a month or a year, we give them a decent package deal suitably". He continued "Infact we help the gurus in the area of shooting and editing videos with the help of our staff who are trained in this field". He stopped and then searched for a page in his note pad and then, "just for your information guruji, we have taken some sample flow charts of ten gurus who were launched in our channel in the past two years. you will surprised to see their growth in these two years".

BG asked "now what exactly I should do"? Such plain ignorant question is what a marketing guy always want to hear, he sat upright with a renewed cheer on his face. He also smiled quite broadly now and said, "you belong to the prime time slot in our channel, meant for english speaking viewers, which means our 25 percent discount will work to your benefit". He then opened another page in his note pad and read the various plans out. BG asked him quite nonchalantly, "what do you mean by a prime time, especially when the whole world is watching simultaneously"? He was quick to correct himself, "we would make sure your programs are repeated as many times to suit the local prime time in every continent, we may charge a little extra for that".

Now as the dialog was getting too gross, BG interrupted "but my dear friend, I dont see any problem in the way the world is, because I believe this is how the creation is meant to be and it needs no improvement or any up gradation". He drank up the rest of his tea in the cup and closed his note pad and appeared a little defeated in his body language already. He said "my boss told me you are a difficult person to convince, i can see it now". But he never lost his smile despite the apparent defeat. He proceeded to ask "are you not really interested in your programs on TV"? BG nodded his head in agreement. He queried "may I know if you will be always like this in future too"? BG said in a plain tone "I have no idea about future, so anything is possible then".

He put all the printed matters into his bag, squirmed in his seat, "do you suggest I should come back and see you later again, in case you changed your mind"? BG laughed somewhat loudly "yes sure, only if I informed you about it, till then count me out from your list". BG got up to indicate the appointment was over. The boy gathered his bag and a big black helmet and started to leave from the room. Then he stopped and lowered his eyes down and muttered in a hushed voice, "we will keep the prime time slot for you reserved".

It was perhaps a standard line he used every time he met a guru. BG said "who knows I may even buy all the rights of your channel some day and telecast my programs, not just prime time but at all times". He was taken by surprise at such a remark, but managed himself quickly saying, "oh that will be good, to have a channel run by a spiritual guru". BG replied in a mock assurance "don't worry, if i buy the channel rights, you will be my marketing man even at that time". He blushed, "thank you very much guruji", and tip toed himself carefully and left the room swiftly.

As a weird coincidence, BG came to know later that the same channel was eventually bought over by a guru, who is a house hold name presently in every 'nook and corner' of the world. But BG is not sure about the marketing guy's present status.