A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

BG's desktop is adorned presently with two weird images which BG liked instantaneously when he saw them.

They are as follows..

1. Crash Boom Bang
this one reminds BG a lot about how a disciple crashes on the way, looking for magic and miracle and secret keys to success and happiness from a guru who is bent upon promising joy round the clock, in this world. But if the guy inside the crashed car still believed that he is drowned not in the gutter, but in the 'ocean of bliss' due to all pervading grace of his guru, then BG thinks that only Mr. Lordo can throw a fishnet from the heavens to rescue him from that slushpit.

2. Hanging For Life
This is an instant reminder to BG, of a much hyped guru who is trapped at such great heights. BG reserves all his sympathy (besides reverence, respect et al) to such gurus who dangle by the whisker atop fame and glory. One wrong move, its going to be abysmal. It can hurt pretty bad falling from that height, especially when climbed up there without even a glimpse of Truth or a clue of what it is like to be up there. Saving this guru also is a job only Mr Lordo can handle.