Jewel To Juvenile

Paramahamsa Nithyananda

You truly lived your life
so dangerously my dear
just that you did not know
how dangerous it was i hear

You crept too high and wide
ended up a creep bonafide
you never checked your roots
so will get kicked by some boots

Its going to hurt you a lot
after basking in the spot
beneath that million watt
lime light so incredibly hot

You promised goodies and boons
but have 'em vanished all too soon
you should have stood your ground
but i hear now you aint seen around

Good bad and ugly were found
you let them high, dry and down
they were everywhere around you
and never could figure who's who?

Can you mend their broken hearts
before you could find the missing parts
as its going to be real long time
to resurrect their faith so sublime?

Had you been ambitious
to climb the pedestal so high
then were you so naive
to allow that itsy bitsy
groping at your bed side

Your 36o degree flawless vision
couldnt detect a spycam position
all your tall claims simply sucks
cuz they're all just a plain hoax

You glittered like jewel
reduced to a spiritual juvenile
sparkled like a blue diamond
now want to see light at other end

you could have justified,
defended, apologized, realized
or criticized or publicized
but you simply escaped ?

If I were the damned God
would grant you another spree
to climb down the throne gracefully
to keep your bedsheets stain free

If you are truly a parama hamsa
if you are truly a nithya ananda
can't you still find the balance
shouldn't you still revel in bliss ?

In these times of your perspiration
listen to a story full of inspiration
BG wants to offer you some solace
hoping you draw strength and grace
Mosquito Wisdom
for Paramahamsa Nithyananda exclusively...

Juvenile mosquito returned after its much hyped first flight…
Senior mosquito asked “How does it feel ?”

Juvenile mosquito: “It was wonderful,
every one was clapping for me!”

Note :- Some parts of rhyming scheme was accidental and rest are not.